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Mako Robotic Knee System

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement is a common surgery. Despite having very high success rates, there is always room for improvement to meet the demands of increasingly active patients. New robotic technology brings innovative tools to knee replacement.
Sep 19th, 2020
Hip Fracture

Osteoporosis and Fractures

Osteoporosis causes weakening of the bone and often comes with aging. Broken bones associated with osteoporosis affect more people in a year than heart attack, stroke, and breast cancer combined
Jul 27th, 2020

Nonsurgical Treatment for Knee Arthritis

There are several nonsurgical ways to manage the symptoms associated with knee arthritis. None of these “cure” the arthritis but may improve your ability to function with your knee.
Jun 1st, 2020
Hip Pain

Hip Pain: Bursitis

Pain on the outside of your hip can sometimes be related to bursitis or tendinitis in your hip stabilizing muscles. Usually, this responds well to nonsurgical care.
Jun 24th, 2022
shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is extremely common in adults and can be the result of acute injuries or repetitive overuse activities. Several things can cause issues with the shoulder, but treatments are available to help you recover.
Mar 12th, 2022
Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger

A trigger finger is a common condition that causes one of the fingers to get caught in a bent position. This causes discomfort and difficulty with hand use. The good news is that there are highly successful treatments to resolve this problem.
Feb 7th, 2022
hip implant image

What is the Best Surgical Approach for Hip Replacement?

There are several approaches to get into the hip for a hip replacement and plenty of opinions regarding these. What does the evidence really say about which is best? As you might expect, the answer is......... It depends.
Dec 7th, 2020

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of numbness and tingling in the hands. This may require surgery to relieve the pressure on the median nerve. Often, the procedure can be done in a minimally-invasive manner as an endoscopic carpal tunnel release.
Jun 27th, 2020

Graft Options for ACL Surgery

When it comes to anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery, the patient and surgeon have choices for the graft used to replace the damaged ACL. The best option is dependent on each athlete's situation and goals.
Jun 22nd, 2020

Infection after Joint Replacement

Joint replacements are extremely successful surgeries at improving quality of life for people with hip and knee arthritis. The risk for complications is very low, but infections can occur at the surgical site. Know the strategies to reduce your risk.
Jun 13th, 2020

Nonsurgical Treatment for Hip Arthritis

There are several nonsurgical ways to manage the symptoms associated with hip arthritis. None of these “cure” the arthritis but can help you improve your ability to function with your hip.
Jun 4th, 2020

Driving after Knee Replacement Surgery

Most people can return to driving a car by 4 weeks following knee replacement. The exact time depends on which knee was replaced, medications being taken, and other general mobility factors.
May 26th, 2020